Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas/birthday wish list

Holidays are fast approaching and I've started making my wish list. (Can I also just say that I love websites like that have a wish list feature?) It's sort of difficult because I have to think of things that are easy to take back from the US and with baggage restrictions, it leaves almost no space. On top of that, Christmas is also my birthday, so (theoretically) I have extra gifts...
I know these aren't the most stylish, but when you spend 3/4 of your life walking like I do, comfort plays a BIG factor in deciding what shoes to wear:
Also, if someone REALLY REALLY loves me ;) maybe they'll buy me this Coach purse:

or maybe this one:

But, honestly I'll be just as happy with a few thoughtful small gifts :)

1 comment:

  1. Some small thoughtful presents????
    UHMMMMM.....we'll have them waiting for you when you get back!!! :)
    PS: remember I still have your magazines at the shop!!!!